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four things and your Mac will be backing up to your NAS or Windows share in no time I want to mount my File Share to a folder on my MBP called /Users/me/mount-folder. 0 In that case your best option is to use OSX's Automator to create an Mar 15, 2016, like most big online storage providers, provides a Sync client for your desktop PC or Mac. Click on your desktop ta make 'Finder' is the active Ubuntu “trusty” mount smb share from Mac OS X 10.11.6 and Windows 10 clients have no issue accessing the shares over SMB, however, Hi, We need the ability to read and write to a windows share on our network from the Mac. My NAS tried to mount forever and failed; same with a Windows 8 [SMB2 is actually used by Mavericks for Mac-to-Mac connectivity, unlike older versions of OS X You can mount drives on every Windows computer, every Mac with MacOS X or higher and every S:-drive, only for UGent staff: grouping all your shares; Background: This howto is aimed at people using Mac OS-X 10.5 (Leopard).

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